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PHP 7: Website Speed Improvement Pending


PHP 7: What you would like to know

If websites work on a PHP-enabled CMS like WordPress, you will certainly be happy to hear that PHP 7 has just been recently released.

Just how quick your website downloads and installs is critical to your business. If it takes more than a couple of seconds, a great deal of prospective website visitors will abandon your website before they have had the ability to discover the services and products you are offering.


Somebody looking for an accountant in Essex who can provide bookkeeping services and financial advice might search online for accountants in Wickford and if the site they click on near the top of the Google results page takes a while to load, they might give up and click on the next listing on the Google results page.

PHP 7 is still in the testing stage so you will not have the capacity to use it in production before November when the final variation will certainly be released.


Twice as Quick

Among the best benefits of the new PHPNG engine is the substantial performance improvement. The development group of PHPNG have restructured the Zend Engine and unbelievably enhanced memory usage.

The results? It is not just your coding that will be faster using PHP 7.

Criteria examinations suggest that PHP 7 will certainly boost download speeds from around two- to four-fold: a fairly slow-loading page taking 6 seconds to download should download in around 2 seconds.

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A loft conversion specialist with an internet site that has been developed by a web designer in Harlow might have lots of photographs of architectural drawings, roof extensions and Velux conversions and photographs in particular are very slow to download. Taking advantage of Keyword SEO Pro to find the best keywords for the website and with the help of PHP 7, download speeds should definitely be improved.




Website developers are preparing for the launch of PHP 7 and when it is released, just a few settings will need to be changed on your website to make sure that you will benefit from this substantial enhancement in internet website performance.

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