UK film industry tax breaks approved

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UK movie industry tax breaks authorized

Government prepares to extend tax breaks for the British movie industry, in a bid to attract more smash hits to be filmed in the UK, are authorized by the EU.See allstories on this subject

VIDEO: Chinese winter season '' cooling ' world economy

There are growing worries about the health of the global economy after a day of market turmoil.See all stories on this subject Spending cuts ' too quick and too far ' The finance ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland alert that UK government spending cuts are moving”

too fast and too far'

“. See all stories on this subject Bank card holders ' can claim refund ' 2 million people who were sold unneeded insurance for debit and credit cards will certainly have the ability to start claiming compensation later this month.See all stories on this topic Pound gets on UK inflation data The pound jumps after the UK inflation rate rose to 0.1 % in July, above

forecasts, raising 'expectations that'

the Bank of England will raise rates.See all stories on this subject

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