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SEO – a game of Snakes and Ladders?

An online game played to progress positions for businesses


With the array of Google updates and so on to take on, even if you saw your internet site traffic escalate recently, you might see your website penalized tomorrow. It’s like an SEO game of snakes and ladders.

Surf Engines such as Google make their cash (billions of dollars monthly) by advertisments on their results web pages. Google looks for markers of ideal websites for certain search data and on-page factors like the use of keywords on the page and in the underlying text are good starting points.



Google introduced the suggestion of user signals to put in ranking formulas. To start with, this was by using inbound links to show authority of websites and web pages. PageRank, so called after one of the two co-founders– Larry Page, has really been the foundation of assessing website authority. Google uses decimal places as well as updating PageRank continually. Until December 2013 Google gave updates to PageRank details but it does not provide this solution now. Moz gives Page and also Domain Authority routinely and this is the best information available.


Quality Scores and Search Ranking

A more up to date growth in assessing user signals is Quality Score. Elements such as bounce rate as well as time spent on internet sites offer Google a sign of the effectiveness of a website– a website that has a sensibly quick time-on-page duration reveals low quality whereas web pages that are enjoyed for much longer show excellent professional information and inspire better rankings on search engine results web pages.

Therefore, there isn’t just a fundamental need to renew your SEO, but to additionally keep up to date with specifically just what’s taking place in the constantly changing globe of marketing and SEO, especially where Google and its formula updates are concerned.

Just because you or your SEO consultant has actually acknowledged a need to make changes to your search engine approach, this does not mean that you have actually made mistakes or handled things wrongly. You’ve identified them and you can work on making the necessary modifications, though you will normally need to understand the most appropriate adjustments to make.


If you perform SEO correctly, online search engines will drive more website traffic to your internet site than social media and e-mail put together.

When you start your blog site or website, that might not be the case. You will absolutely have to make that authority from Google, Bing as well as the various other search engines progressively by encouraging inbound links– link bait as well as by involving socially via your blog site and linked social media networks. It takes drive, time and also perseverance.

Similar to any technique– business, marketing, SEO or others, in some cases, a refresher is necessary. This is to review what works and needs to stay, as well as precisely just what does not work and should be done away with from that strategy.

There isn’t a set policy or timeframe within which you need to look at your SEO approaches. But the sooner it’s done the better.

  1. Keyword stuffing

If you do too much keyword stuffing you should do more than refresh your SEO technique, you need to catch up with specifically what’s been going on in SEO for the last 5 to 10 years.

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10 years ago, loft conversion specialists might have put the keyword loft conversions on the internet many times in the visible content as well as possibly the meta keyword tag. The primary internet search engines do not look at the meta keyword tag anymore. Matt Cutts who was for many years a spokesperson for Google said that it was reasonable to utilize your keyword once or twice on your web page but many more times than that appears to be keyword stuffing which has a negative result on rankings. Our builders could instead make use of various phrases like Velux roof conversions, loft extensions in Hertfordshire, attic conversions or planning permissions.


Filling your content, metadata summaries and titles with your target keywords has been a no-no for years and is how you get your website removed from online search engines. Whilst there’s definitely nothing concrete on keyword density– the number of times that a keyword appears on a website– deliberately packing keywords in your content, metadata descriptions as well as titles is the way to get your internet website moved down the ranking ladder of snakes and ladders.

  1. Favouring the amount of web links over their quality

Link quality is much more crucial compared to the number you have actually got. Even though Google is not adhering to its 100 web links optimum rule per web page and has in fact said that you could have lots of web links as long as it’s a reasonable amount, if you’re still using links to boost your SEO positions, it is probably time to knock that technique on the head.

  1. Spam blogging by visitors

Guest blogging didn’t do too well though that doesn’t mean you need to quit creating intriguing, top quality content to put on blog websites around the internet. Content is still king in many ways and by producing quality content for blog sites, you can make your company and website an authority on subjects essential to your company activities as well as interests.

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Just launch your content to blog sites that matter, i.e. pertinent in some way to yours. A company distributing letterbox leaflets could write about their designing and printing processes for flyers for small companies and posting relevant content to other blog sites could result in increased business.




  1. Replicating material

Replicating material is typically required– in some cases it’s in truth a lawful need– and as a result will not suffer any problems with Google. If you’re replicating content for SEO though, especially poor quality material — this is precisely what Google terms ‘deceptive material’—and you should at least put a link to the preliminary source so that Google does not punish you.

SEO should follow the requirements that Google and also various other search engines have actually put in place.

A designer of websites in Essex might look at other websites for website designers or marketing consultants to get an idea of ways to present data on a website but they would still need their own ideas for creating engaging websites and delivering successful SEO campaigns to give your website a high domain authority.

  1. Adding keywords to metadata summaries

For countless years, it was prevalent to place keywords in metadata descriptions and it is still right to do so, though keywords in meta descriptions are no longer a ranking aspect for SEO.

This does not suggest you have to quit troubling with metadata summaries, neither does it suggest you must not place relevant keyword phrases in them. Instead, increase the worth of metadata summaries by comprising them with customers in mind to make them recognize why they should click your web link and not someone else’s.

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