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The Keyword Difficulty Problem – Incoming Link Authority is Queen

The number and also the quality of internet links from different sites to your website validate your Domain Authority as well as your Page Authority. You can determine the Page Authority and the Domain Authority of a web page on a site by taking a look at the web pages on Firefox or Chrome with the Moz toolbar allowed and this can boost your internet marketing.

People think that content is king in online internet search engine positioning yet web link authority is actually queen. Even if your internet site has exceptional content, it will not necessarily be put near the top of Google for a keyword that you are using. This is because it overlooks the power of incoming internet links that give your pages authority – Page Authority– as well as your domain – Domain Authority.

Diary Management YT

An efficient telephone answering company could have a remarkable website loaded with information about virtual receptionists, the best diary management system or ways to effectively handle calls; however, incoming web links from appropriate internet websites will definitely give your pages a higher Page Authority as well as Domain Authority.





The Total Page Authority of a web page is the sum of Page Authority and Domain Authority. Keyword difficulty analyzes how strong websites are on the preliminary page of Google results for any keyword. A good measure of keyword difficulty is the average Total Page Authority of leading websites. If you have a spreadsheet of keywords, Keyword SEO Pro will calculate Page Authorities and Domain Authorities for you.

ksp family solicitors - varied - targets

In the example above considering firms of solicitors, the keyword solicitors has a Total Page Authority of 133 but web pages that are on SME internet websites do not often have a Total Page Authority of more than 85. Family solicitors London has a TPA of 59 which is in the Green Zone and should be achievable for SME websites; other keywords like employment law solicitor London, health employment solicitors, litigation or compensation agreements might also be good keywords to choose for smaller companies and an SEO professional in London would be able to help you to promote your website higher up in the Google rankings.

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