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Incorporating Social Networking with Local SEO for Developing your Brand

Local companies are dealing with a difficult task with regard to marketing and it isn’t very easy contending with large corporations that have a well established brand name. However, it isn’t quite as bad as you think if you recognize exactly how they got to be prominent in their market. You can do the same thing with a little initiative and also a marketing approach tailored to your local market. Why not allow social networking and also local SEO to team up to build your brand name?

Brand name is only Recognition

If you break down what the brand name actually means then it really is only recognition. So how can you develop a brand name in your individual market to make sure that potential clients believe in you when they are seeking the products you are supplying?

It is important for major company websites to have a well-known brand name but it is not so important for smaller companies.


A small firm of accountants in Wickford in Essex might have their own regular clients that come to them for tax advice or financial planning services and it would not be necessary for them to have a recognised brand name and the same would be true for a little accountancy office in Leyton in East London.




Developing a Following is Easier than you might think

This is where social networking comes in. It has been suggested that you choose 2 or 3 social networking websites like Google+, Facebook or Twitter and you start actively using them. Just how do you get people to your website initially?

Local SEO is Vital in Getting Yourself known

Take a step back and think about what branding means. It means making sure your name is known and local SEO is necessary in developing a brand name. When somebody is searching online for your product, you ideally would like your company’s name to be at the top of the first page of the Google search engine results. Just how do you make that happen? With SEO. Whether the content is actually on your website or has a link back to your website, search phrases should be really exact to target a specific regional target market. You can additionally utilize local listings for SEO functions also, as long as you focus on keywords in your listing.

Search phrase research studies are useful when you are developing your website and an SEO specialist in Hertfordshire would be able to help. The keywords you choose should have a high search volume and be in reach for achieving top page positioning on Google.

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For example, if you are a builder doing loft conversions in Herts, you will not simply be competing against nationwide builders doing loft renovations and property extensions but also small building firms in St Albans or Watford . The keywords you use should be long tail keywords like Velux loft extensions Hertford or Dormer loft conversions Stevenage because potential customers will be very specific in what they are searching for.



Now that you have people visiting your website as a result of local SEO, you can build a following through social networking.

By allowing social media networks and regional SEO to work together, you can build your brand name so that you are the company of choice in your particular market.

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