Hewlett crumbles again

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Hewlett falls apart once more

Efforts to restore Leeds construction company Hewlett have failed after two years.See all stories on this topic CIBSE in facilities management collaboration The Chartered Organization of Building Solutions Engineers

(CIBSE )Facilities Management Group has signed co-operation

contracts with the Structure Controls Industry Association(BCIA)and the Structure Futures Group.See all stories on this topic New trade group to be called Build UK The new organisation being created from the merger of the UK Service providers Group and the National Professional Professionals Council will be called Build UK.See all stories on this subject Wardell Armstrong acquires Croydon firm Engineering and environmental consultancy Wardell Armstrong has obtained the business and assets of RJ

Witt Associates, a civil and structural engineering consultancy firm based in Croydon.See all stories on this topic Celcon blocks lightened Aircrete block maker H+H has lowered the density of its high strength and super strength grade Celcon obstructs from 750 kg/m3 to 700 kg/m3. See all stories on this topic

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