Domain Authority: What are Domain Authority and Total Page Reputation?

Domain Authority is determined by the total value of incoming links to a website. The Total Page Reputation of a webpage governs its ability to compete against other webpages for top page ranking on Google for keywords.

Total Page Reputation includes the PageRank of the Page and the PageRank of the website HomePage.

Relevance and Reputation



Positioning on Google is determined by a combination of ‘Reputation’ and ‘Relevance’. The Google algorithm is looking at both to determine the ranking of a webpage for a keyword.


is determined by:

  1. The total link value of links coming into the Webpage.
  2. The total link value of links coming into the Website – Domain Authority or Website Reputation.
  3. Whether it is the HomePage of the Website.

 Domain Authority Wedding Photographer and Wills Plymouth Website

wills and probate - 2 Keyword Difficulty Analysis - Keyword SEO Pro

wills and probate – 2 Keyword Difficulty Analysis – Keyword SEO Pro

A Plymouth Wills writer wishes to know how difficult it would be to achieve for – Wills, Probate – Will writing Devon and Plymouth Wills. The first two have high TPAs and would be out of reach for SME websites. Wills Plymouth has a relatively low keyword difficulty of 50. Power of Attorney Plymouth is also a low keyword difficulty keyword at 41.

A wedding photographer in Kent needs to know how difficult it would be to rank for ksp photography wedding 4wedding, wedding planning Essex and wedding photographer Kent. The first two have very high TPAs and would not be possible for an SME website to achieve top page positioning on Google. The Essex keyword has a low TPA requirement of 58 and would be relatively easy to rank for. The wedding photographer kent is more difficult at 68.

What is PageRank?


Google tells us that ‘PageRank is Google’s view of the importance of this page’.

PageRank is on a logarithmic scale. Those with the greatest reputation have a PageRank 10 and a new webpage has a PageRank0 when it is first indexed.

The best indication we are offered by Google  of Website Reputation (Website Authority – Domain Authority) is the PageRank of the HomePage of the website.

A HomePage that is competing for a keyword is allocated a minimum PageRank of 4.5. This means that:

  1. A new website can begin to be competitive for relatively low keyword difficulty keywords if it uses its HomePage.

The value of a link depends on

  1. The reputation of the page providing the link – PageRank of the linking page. This is the link power of that page.
  2. The number of outgoing links on the linking page – the more outgoing links the less the value of those links.

Part of search engine optimization is to increase the reputation of the webpage and website – off-page optimization.

The search engines would like all the links to be natural but if you develop a new website and wait for those links you may wait a very long time.


  1. The keywords (phrases).
  2. Words in the keywords.
  3. Synonyms.
  4. Associated words.

That are

  1. Visible on the webpage.
  2. Present in the underlying coding – particularly the Page Title.
  3. Present in the anchor (linking) text in incoming links to the webpage.


In SEO, as in life, reputation is even more important than relevance.

  • Relevance is largely about what you are and in SEO this equates to on-page optimization.
  • Reputation is what others say about you. To the search engines this means the links that others place on their website to specifically to your webpage and to your website in general.



Total Reputation of a webpage includes the Page Reputation of the page and the domain authority – best represented by the HomePage PageRank. Keyword SEO Pro assess keyword difficulty according to the averaged PageRanks and HomePage PageRanks (domain authority) of the webpages on the top page of Google for a keyword.

There is only one program that calculates average Total Page Reputation of the pages on the top page of Google for a list of potential target keywords – Keyword SEO Pro

Keyword Difficult and Average Total Page Reputation of Top Web Pages

The average Total Page Reputation of the webpages on the top Google results page for a keyword is the best keyword difficulty tool available.

Please see example results and explanation here…..


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